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The Bachelor: He Says I love you twice

Oh Good Morning lovelies! It is Tuesday and holy crap it is freaking March! Where in the world did February go? 

I will do an update on my February Goals later on this week. Time for some Bachelor. 

This episode is always one of my favorites. Because it is the episode where all the feels come out. Well, last night did not go any different.. except one thing... 


Here are my date recaps and my thoughts: 

Caila - Was the first date this week, and can I just say it was kind of awkward at the beginning. They were so quite on that boat ride. Sidebard: In my knowledge from watching every single episode. The first date on these episodes is always more than likely to go home. Back to the date - I don't even know what to say.. It was so damn awkward I was feeling it. 

Okay, I won't lie. I thought Caila was going to be at least in the top 2 this season. She wasn't my front runner, but she was one of my faves from the beginning, but I feel like these last few weeks she has been kind off, as well as Ben. I just didn't feel it with them anymore. 

Lauren B. - my front runner. Baby turtles. Oh my goodness those baby turtles were freaking adorable. The fact that Ben and Lauren were helping save them and cleaning them so they swim freely in the ocean was so cute. 

Ben and Lauren are obsessed with each other, you can totally see it. I honestly think everyone knew from the beginning when she stepped out of that limo she would definitely be in the front running. She says "I love you" to Ben when they go into the "Fantasy Suite" and low and behold Ben says "I have known I have been in love with you for a while now!" WHAT?! AMAZING!!! 

Sidebar: Can we say that the outfits this season consisted of Rompers and Crop Tops? I notice shit like that. Those 2 outfits were the popularity vote. 

JoJo - Third date this week. Now going into this date - you think okay Ben knows who he is in love with at this point why even bother going on another date... but that is the "rules" I guess. He tells Lauren B. He loves her. Back to JoJo - They are sitting on top of the waterfall or whatever and JoJo says "I love you" and low and behold... Ben says.. "I love you too" JoJo asks the question that every person in America wants to know... "Are you allowed to say that?" I can answer that.. No.. No Ben you are not.. Again...


My reactions to Caila going to see Ben... 

"Oh no Caila what are you doing?! Your about to get your heartbroken!" Run away!!" I will say though she handled that conversation very well. You go Glen CoCo! But still I hated it for her because I knew it was coming and she was so excited to see him, he didn't want to hug her or hold her hand. I felt so bad!! 

I will see you right back here after "The Women Tell All" 

Bye, bye Caila. 

Xoxo, Erin 



The Bachelor: Week 3

Well, Well here we are again for another Week of "Blogging the Bachelor" so lets get to it. 

Date Card #1: One on One: 

Dater: Lauren B. 

Card: The Sky is the Limit

Skythrills Planes, which I guess they are known for their tricks and stuff they do in the air. I was shocked that Lauren was scared/nervous, when she is s Flight Attendant. But I guess if you have only flown on big planes, little planes can be intimidating. They fly over The Bachelor Mansion, fly over the ocean. And land in a remote area, which was very peaceful. And get in a hot tub in the middle of nowhere.. ABC is all about them Hot Tubs this season. 

The girls totally show their jealous side. 

Basically after the Hot Tub it was dinner and drinks, Q & A Session. 

Lauren B. Receives the Rose. And it isn't the bachelor unless there is a private concert later. Duh! 

Date Card #2: Group Date:

Daters: Amanda, Haley, Jennifer, Sushanna, Lauren H, Olivia, Jami, Rachel, Lace, Amber, Leah and Emily. 

Date Card Reads: "Love is the Goal" 

What Happened: Ladies head to the L.A. Coliseum and will be playing some Soccer.. Side note those girls were terrible at kicking the soccer ball. No coordination whatsoever.. I wouldn't know how to play soccer but I have a little bit more coordination then these girls. Where Alex Morgan and Kelly OHare from the US National Team that won the World Cup will be training the ladies. 

Back at the mansion Jubilee has a melt down because she is freaking out she won't get the date because JoJo and Becca didn't go on either date, and doesn't think she is his type. Back to the date. Chris Harrison makes his appearance and tells the girls they are Splitting the two teams, Team Stars and Team Stripes. The winning team will go to the after party and spend more time with Ben and the Losers have to go back to the mansion. The Teams are:

  • Team Stars - Emily, Amanda, Lauren H, Sushanna, Rachel and Jennifer
  • Team Stripes - Haley, Leah, Olivia, Jami, Amber, and Lace

It was an intense Soccer game ya'll. I have never seen a game of Soccer so intense before. It ended up being a tie 3 to 3 so they go to a sudden death and the next person to make a goal wins the game. Rachel gets hurt bust stays in the game. In the end, Amber scores the winning goal.  Team Stripes takes the win!

After Party Time: Amber did not get any time with Ben, okay she got a little bit of time.. side note..has anyone else noticed she is really shy this season? I don't remember her being this shy. Any way.. the party goes on, Olivia pulls Ben aside up to the hotel room, throws it in the girls face by hanging over the balcony. Not cool my friend not cool. But the girls take it upon themselves to talk about Olivia and her toes and her bad breath. She comes back and Jami pulls her aside and tells her what the other girls are saying.. there is always one.. 

Who Receives the Rose: Amber receives the group date rose. Side Note... Olivia is Pissed about that. 

Back at the mansion, the final date card arrives, and Jubilee is not happy because she doesn't think her name will be on the card. Surprise.. Her name is called and she screams like a little girl because she is so excited, but apologizes to the girls. sweet. 

Date Card #3: Final One on One Date: 

Dater: Jubilee

Date Card Reads: "Love is in the Air"

Jubilee looks great but then she gets a little awkward, she is "upset" that Ben is late then the awkwardness gets a little worse from that point. Ben shows up she of course gives him a hard time for being late.. Side Note... I would give him a hard time to.. in a joking way.. like her.. The Helicopter arrives in front of the mansion, Jubilee starts freaking out because she is deathly afraid of heights, and asks the girls, "does anyone want to take my date?" umm.. what.. again awkward. They make their way to a mini castle, which by the way is gorgeous, it was called Cal-A-Vie Health Spa. They get there try out some food, Jubilee is adventurous, not with helicopters either. They share some laughs and kisses in the pool. Honestly, I can see it with them. Ben obviously can. 

Evening rolls around they share a sweet dinner and Ben wants to talk about how open and honest he is and starts asking her questions, she is adopted from Haiti and says she has never been back because from what she knows she is the only survivor in her family and feels the guilt, and only would go back with that someone special. Ben says she is a strong woman and loves the fact that she has a lot of layers to go through. 

Does Jubilee Receive the Rose? Yes she does and accepts. 

Back at the mansion, it is morning (early) and Jami sneaks out to see if Jubilee came back, of course she does, and the girls are pissed. Jubilee is withdrawing herself from the girls and they don't understand what Ben sees in her.. Side note... Girls are so Mean... 

Cocktail Party: Ben comes in and you can can tell just by looking at him that something happened. He comes in and tells the girls that he got a phone call from his family saying that 2 people that he was really close with had died in a plane crash. The mood is somber and quiet. And Olivia steals him.. of course she does.. Does she talk about the situation that just happened with Ben? Nope she is more concerned about her insecurities, her legs, cankles and so on and so forth.. Ben is not in the mood for that type of talk. 

Jubilee withdraws herself from the girls, after trying to be nice and being the catty bitches those girls are they go "I think I am going to go get Lipgloss" and they all disperse away from her. How Rude.. after that Jubilee sets a table up and asks Ben to come with her, and gives him a massage to help him ease the emotional stress, the girls were so not having that. 

Amber and some other women decide they want to talk to Jubilee about it, she is not having it, she goes upstairs and someone tries to talk to her but she did not want to talk to anyone she starts yelling and cussing. Ben hears what is going on, runs upstairs to see what the situation is. Amber follows and tries to chat, Ben puts her in her place, as he understands Jubilee and likes her when she says things that may or may not come off as offensive. Amber is shocked by this, and I am loving it! 

Before the Rose ceremony Lace asks to speak to Ben, she starts crying and saying that she is unsure if she can do this anymore, and says that she doesn't like who she was thus far in the season and needs to learn to love herself before she can love anyone else... props to her.. I was actually shocked and surprised.. Because of that she decides to leave the show. 

Rose Ceremony - Time to hand out the roses. Jubilee, Amber and Lauren B. already have roses. 

The Roses:

  • Lauren H.
  • Amanda
  • Becca
  • Haley
  • Emily
  • Rachel
  • Caila 
  • JoJo
  • Jennifer
  • Leah 
  • Olivia

Goodbyes: Jami and Sushanna are eliminated. Lace left on her own. 

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