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Postpartum is a thing... It gets better..

I'm a new mom. And you often hear questions of.. is postpartum a thing? Yes, yes it is. I have been doing the whole mom thing for 6 weeks now. Has it been easy? No, not really. Am I getting the hang of it? Yes, yes I am. 

Here is a glimpse of my first few weeks of being a new mom.

Week 1: 

My goodness that first night.. My husband and I go back to that first night and we are in awe. Why? Because that first night was a really tough one. Not only was it a new environment for us but for Little Man as well. We realized how selfish we really were. We got mad at each other and even frustrated at Little Man because he was not sleeping. We did not get one lick of sleep. 

If you have parents that are willing to help.. Take the help.. It will not show you as a weak person. My mom was an angel that next day... I called her at 4:30 and was so tired and cried for help.. My husband and I didn't know what to do anymore. Bless her heart she showed up at 6:00 and just held him, and let Matt and I get some sleep. My mom came over every day that week. That was a Godsend. Yes, Matt and I sort of got the hang of it the further along the week went. We got in a routine that week. Which made things a little easier. 

Cue the tears that week. Yes, the "postpartum depression" hit me quite a bit that first week. Why? Because I knew once Monday that following week hit I was on my own. Matt was going back to work and so was my mom. 

Week one is in the books. 

Second/Third Week: 

I had all of these questions in my mind... Questions like... Am I going to be able to do this on my own. It was a scary thing for me. I wasn't sure how it was going to play out. But I had to figure it out. I had to figure out how am I going to shower, how am I going to make my own coffee (priorities people) or breakfast and lunch, is little man going to cry all day? Am I going to be able to do the stuff I need to do? Of course there were a couple of days where I didn't shower or I waited until Matt got home from work. 

Am I perfect? Absolutely not. Am I still figuring it out? Yes, I am. 

I look back at those first few weeks and am in awe of myself. Because I learned what to do. I had to. My weeks now contain. Showering when Matt gets up for work, little man now sleeps a lot more, feeding him when he gets up from his nap, cleaning spit up and changing dirty diapers, running errands when I can with him. Its all fun now. 

Motherhood isn't easy, I have learned that. You learn every single day, so does your little one. You learn to adjust your lifestyle for him/her. But still take time for yourself. Even if it is when your little one is taking a nap. Example; like I am now... he is napping next to me and I am typing this post. 

Hang in there momma it gets better.