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Top 3 Tuesday

So here we are again on a Tuesday. I am going to do another rendition of Top 3 Tuesday. What made me happy today or this past week. 


1. I went to my 3rd annual Favorite Things Party at my Best Friend's house on Sunday, we had so much fun full have wine laughs and girl talk and of course presents. But that was not the most important thing. 

2. My Husband got home before me today... ya'll it took me an hour and 15 to get home from work. Anyway.. I got home about 5:45 and he had a glass of wine poured for me and he was cooking dinner for us. Its the small things. 

3. The Fact that Elf is coming on next on ABC Family. One of my All time favorite Christmas Movies. I think all week and next week I am going to watch one Christmas movie a night. I love Christmas movies. Maybe my husband will watch them with me. 

What 3 things made you happy today or this past week. 

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Xoxo, Erin

Top 3 Tuesday

So I was reading through some Blog Posts and I have seen this before or I should say I have seen Becca do this post, I thought it was a great idea. "Top 3 Tuesday" meaning what are 3 things that made you happy today. 

Top 3 Tuesday:

  • We had a great weekend, we both had to work but it turned out pretty decent. We actually got up early on Sunday and went to Waffle House for breakfast before Church. 
  • Today we found out that we are getting a raise at work. I am not going to go into details about it. But we have been needing this for a year and a half, that we have been live as a new Segment for Claims. 
  • I have finally decided to read the bible everyday and try to understand it, I know the gist of it all but it is nice to give yourself time to read the Bible, I never really understood why people did that but now I do and I am actually very excited about it. 

What are 3 things that have made you happy today? 

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Xoxo, Erin