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The Sunday Weekly

So as I sit here and watch TV. I realized I have not been blogging as much. So I figured I would do a different type of "Sunday Currently" Post. Start calling in "The Sunday Weekly" I got this from Darling Down South. Here we go. 

Watching I am watching my recorded shows from last week, I am so behind on a lot of shows. Specifically I am watching Chicago Fire right now. 

Atlanta-ing You know I have not been anywhere new here in Atlanta this week or this weekend. That is no fun! I need to get out more! 

Drinking you know this week I didn't really drink that much.. Oh but on Friday night, because Friday was an AWFUL day at work. Matt and I went to La Parilla for Dinner and I had a 20 ounce Prickly Pear Margarita! Um hello yumminess!! But right now I am drinking this Hot Cinnamon Sunset Hot Tea that my friend at work has been drinking. Oh it smells amazing!  Don't even get me started on the smell!! 

Wanting to do well in my new business selling Younique I have already made to sales and I am hoping to do better. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or email me. 

Wearing work out pants and my Southern Couture Shirt. Comfy for this Sunday evening. 

Loving that I have started my new business and loving that life is going to be great. 

Eating nothing right now. I am so hungry though. :( we are making a grilled chicken salad tonight, I did buy tacquitos today and I really want some of those. But those will have to wait. 

Reading nothing at the moment. Yep I know sad. 

Listening to the TV at the moment. Chicago Fire.

Quoting. I don't think anything at the moment. 

Planning. to hopefully have a good week this week. It is my last week in my old position at the company I work for. I am hoping that nothing goes wrong or I don't cry. 

Love Ya'll for Reading!

Xoxo, Erin