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The Bachelor: He Says I love you twice

Oh Good Morning lovelies! It is Tuesday and holy crap it is freaking March! Where in the world did February go? 

I will do an update on my February Goals later on this week. Time for some Bachelor. 

This episode is always one of my favorites. Because it is the episode where all the feels come out. Well, last night did not go any different.. except one thing... 


Here are my date recaps and my thoughts: 

Caila - Was the first date this week, and can I just say it was kind of awkward at the beginning. They were so quite on that boat ride. Sidebard: In my knowledge from watching every single episode. The first date on these episodes is always more than likely to go home. Back to the date - I don't even know what to say.. It was so damn awkward I was feeling it. 

Okay, I won't lie. I thought Caila was going to be at least in the top 2 this season. She wasn't my front runner, but she was one of my faves from the beginning, but I feel like these last few weeks she has been kind off, as well as Ben. I just didn't feel it with them anymore. 

Lauren B. - my front runner. Baby turtles. Oh my goodness those baby turtles were freaking adorable. The fact that Ben and Lauren were helping save them and cleaning them so they swim freely in the ocean was so cute. 

Ben and Lauren are obsessed with each other, you can totally see it. I honestly think everyone knew from the beginning when she stepped out of that limo she would definitely be in the front running. She says "I love you" to Ben when they go into the "Fantasy Suite" and low and behold Ben says "I have known I have been in love with you for a while now!" WHAT?! AMAZING!!! 

Sidebar: Can we say that the outfits this season consisted of Rompers and Crop Tops? I notice shit like that. Those 2 outfits were the popularity vote. 

JoJo - Third date this week. Now going into this date - you think okay Ben knows who he is in love with at this point why even bother going on another date... but that is the "rules" I guess. He tells Lauren B. He loves her. Back to JoJo - They are sitting on top of the waterfall or whatever and JoJo says "I love you" and low and behold... Ben says.. "I love you too" JoJo asks the question that every person in America wants to know... "Are you allowed to say that?" I can answer that.. No.. No Ben you are not.. Again...


My reactions to Caila going to see Ben... 

"Oh no Caila what are you doing?! Your about to get your heartbroken!" Run away!!" I will say though she handled that conversation very well. You go Glen CoCo! But still I hated it for her because I knew it was coming and she was so excited to see him, he didn't want to hug her or hold her hand. I felt so bad!! 

I will see you right back here after "The Women Tell All" 

Bye, bye Caila. 

Xoxo, Erin