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February Goals

Well, folks its that time again, the end of the month where I share my Monthly Goals with ya'll and share with ya'll how I did on my January Goals. I think I did better this month but lets see about that. 

~ January Goals ~ 

Personal Goals: 

  1. Sign up back at the gym I used to go to. Start working out. I failed on this one. But this month it will happen. 
  2. Finish 1 Book - See Me by Nicholas Sparks. Failed again at this one. 
  3. Start a Prayer Journal. I kind of started this one. So I feel pretty decent about this one. 
  4. Continue to focus on my word for this year. Self-Control. Doing pretty well with this one. 
  5. Cook- more. I have slowly gotten better at this, this month. Not as much as I should. But pretty close. 

~ Blog Goals ~ 

  1. Be a Co-host on a link up or 2 - Yep I am apart of 2 Link-up's. Blogging the Bachelor and What Would You Do. Also I am a co-host for a couple more link ups this month. Stick around. 
  2. Continue to Grow my Social Media Accounts. Eh I could probably do better with this one. 
  3. Blog at least 3-4 times a week - I think I did pretty well with this one. Especially last week. 



  • Read 1 Book 
  • Go on More Date Nights with Matt 
  • Eat healthier and start my work outs again 
  • Journal More 
  • Post more pictures on Social Media.

~ BLOG ~ 

  • Gain more followers on Bloglovin
  • Gain more "Likes" on my Facebook Page 
  • Post 3-4 times a week. 
  • Post more pictures on Social Media

What are your Monthly Goals? And did you achieve your January Goals? 

Let me know in the comments below! 

Xoxo, Erin

January Goals

Happy Monday Lovelies!! Ugh ya'll I haven't worked on a Monday in 6 Months! I was so not used to that! I kind of miss not working Monday's.. But I don't miss working Saturday. Although I did get a lot done today. Yay for me! OOO also tonight is The Bachelor Premier... Who is watching?! 

It is the beginning of the month and I have decided that I want to start doing Monthly Goals.. Let's take a look at December Goals and see what my January Goals are like. 


  1. Finish my Christmas Shopping.... Check I did finish my shopping this year! 
  2. Go to Pure Barre with my friend Jessica, my first class is Sunday. Hopefully I can get registered. I have never been.  Not so much.Look things got in the way of my work out
    schedule so I had to cancel all of them! Thankfully they were free classes so I didn't feel as bad. 
  3. Do more Blog Posts - I want to start posting more  and be better at it.  I think I did pretty well on this one. Yes, I am trying to be better. I am making progress. 
  4. Finish at least one of my Books. Either See Me by Nicholas Sparks or The Girl on the Train - I am hoping I can finish The Girl on the Train first.  CHECK... I finally finished The Girl on the Train! Good grief that book took me forever to read I feel like. I really enjoyed it though! Now I am reading See Me by Nicholas Sparks 
  5. Journal - I enjoy writing - I want to do it somewhere else besides on my Blog. Stuff for me. NEGATIVE... I didn't get a journal because I thought my husband was going to get me one for Christmas but he didn't but got me other great stuff. 
  6. Go outside more. I mean like taking more walks with Matt to get fresh air.  NEGATIVE.. 
  7. Start a Prayer Journal  - If you want to know more go here.  I am trying to be better about this and grow a closer relationship to the Lord. NEGATIVE. I am however going to make this a January goal. 
  8. Try and keep realistic Goals for 2016. CHECK I am doing well with that. 

Well, I guess I did alright for the month of December. So how about we go into January goals. 


Personal Goals:

  • Sign back up at the gym I used to go to. To start working out. 
  • Finish 1 book - See Me by Nicholas Sparks 
  • Start a Prayer Journal 
  • Continue to Focus on my one Word from yesterday's post  AKA. Trying...  Self-Control
  • Cook More... 

Blog Goals:

  • Be a Co-host on a link up or 2 
  • Continue to try and grow my Social Media accounts. 
  • Blog at least 3-4 times a week

What are your goals for January? 

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Xoxo, Erin