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Monday Motivation

Happy Monday Loves! I was sitting here thinking about everything that has been going on in the world, main thing being the Paris Attack, which breaks my heart. My thoughts and Prayers are with everyone in Paris. It got me thinking that today's post is about Kindness, because I believe the world is in need of a lot of Kindness. 

Kindness must start with one person at a time. I must be kind first to other people before I can expect someone to be kind to me from anyone else. How does this work? Kindness has pure intentions. 

I believe if we all could be kind to one another, we would be given the gift of happiness and honestly to me it would make feel better as a person. This is one thing that I need to be better at myself, but how? 

Accepting people for who are different from ourselves, I am not talking about Race, Culture, Religion, or Nationality I am talking the little things, is there someone in your life that talks too little or too much, or is there someone who are perceived as unfriendly or stuck up, we have to accept them for who they are, we don't know anything about this person, that is why I have learned to not "judge a book by its cover" because we know nothing about why they are like this, just accept it and move on, don't gossip about it to your friends or family (I am guilty of this). All of the negativity in the world these days is getting old and I know it will never change but if you are kind to one another more often than not the world can and will be a better place. 

Do something nice for someone. My Church has a Slogan "Be-Rich" Give ~ Serve ~ Love. 

They gave us these cards last Sunday and on it, it says:

Every day, we have the opportunity to put love into action. 

Imagine the Difference we could make if each of us did something simple, something thoughtful for someone else.

Start with one person. Think of one thing you can do. 

On the card they put Tape that says #GiveServeLove I need to take advantage of this and pay for someone's coffee at the local Starbucks, give a gift card.. just because, bake something for someone just because, and use this tape. 

Can you imagine what would happened if there was a little more love and a little more kindness in the world? 

Stay Motivated. Love Unconditionally. Serve Others. Be Kind. 

Xoxo,, Erin