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Sunday Currently

Well, here we are another Sunday and another weekend has come and gone, but this weekend was actually  pretty good. I had to work on Saturday (not my favorite) and then Matt and I met his parents for Dinner... My birthday dinner from them.. they were in Destin on my actual birthday. We ate at Carrabba's one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Today I went to Gibbs Gardens it is kind of like a Botanical Garden except the story behind this Garden is beautiful. 

Story Time:  Jim Gibbs traveled 15 years covering the nation and the world, viewing gardens of every style and decided he wanted to design and build a world class garden. I don't want to ruin and type this word for word.. But basically Mr. Gibbs took 6 years to find the perfect spot for these beautiful Gardens, and on top of that Gibbs Gardens opened in 2012 it took 32 years to make the most beautiful gardens, and his house is on the property as well, beautiful!! If you want to learn more about this beautiful garden go here it was beautiful today. I want to go back in the Spring because it will be beautiful. 


reading See Me by Nicholas Sparks - amazing so far. actually after I finish this post I am going to go read it in bed. Yes it is 8:43 and I want to be in bed.

writing this post. 

listening to the TV, I am watching Scandal trying to catch up from last week oh and the tap tap tap of the keyboard. 

thinking about what I want to do with my career  

smelling nothing right now. we don't have any candles burning. Ohh I know what I am smelling.. the heat... we finally turned the heat on because it has been so cold lately. 

wishing for happiness and peace with everything that happened this week in Paris this is all we need is peace. 

hoping for peace

wearing white tank top and comfy pants . 

loving my family and friends

wanting to be inspired inside and out. I want to be inspired to do something I love I want to be inspired in losing weight and being the best person that I can. 

needing to put a sweatshirt on. I am cold. 

feeling overwhelmed with sadness with what happened in Paris this week, it is terrible I am just hoping and praying for hope and peace. That is what the world needs right now is Peace. 

clicking  Gibbs Gardens I am just so amazed at the pictures of this beautiful place.