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Welcome to the New Space

Okay, so ya'll know how I kept talking about starting a new blog? Well, welcome to the new space. That's right people no more Blogger, although blogger was great for my start up blog. It was just time to move on to a new space and a new domain! This blog will be about the same thing, Lifestyle, my everyday life of being a Mrs. I hope you all will stick around. Saying Goodbye to old and Hello to the New. I will still be doing my Sunday Currently posts

C U R R E N T L Y Volume 1

Reading: The Girl on the Train I have kept aside my other books I am reading and I am totally invested in this book, ya'll it is just getting good! 

Writing: This post being that it is my first one on my new Space! I am so excited to have my own domain, when you set your mind to something you just have to go for it. My husband was so sweet to put this together for me, he did wonderfully. 

Listening: To the TV I have been binge watching Chasing Life on ABC Family it is such a good show. 

Thinking: how excited I am to start over, as far as blogging goes. I am going to be blogging more like an everyday thing. 

Smelling: Nothing. I have no candles going or anything. I did not cook tonight. Hmm maybe I should change that.

Wishing: for a wonderful week this week. I hope and Pray that this will be a good week for me and my husband. 

Hoping: for a good week of healthy eating and working out. Yea I gotta get back into it this week I slacked in the healthy/work out part last week.

Wearing: A Sundress that my mom actually bought me at Costco.  It is comfy and cute.

Loving: Being at home and being lazy all day. Sometimes you just need a day to do absolutely nothing. That is exactly what today was. Amazing. 

Wanting: Some more water. I haven't drank enough water today. is it weird to crave water?

Needing: Some more water. My comfy bed too. 

Feeling: Content. 

Clicking: Sunday Secrets I just found this from one of the girls I follow on Bloglovin. It is pretty interesting. 


Well, that is all I have for tonight. Until tomorrow. Be Blessed!

Love Ya'll for Reading! 

Xoxo, E