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Blogging The Bachelor

After a few months break from this amazing show, I am excited about this season of The Bachelor. But this season I am teaming up with 2 amazing bloggers Aubrey and Meredith  

Last night was exciting because for the first time EVER for as long as Matt and I have been together... 5 years.. he has never watched it with me... This season ya'll he is watching it with me! Yay! So how about we get started with this post. 


How this season started:

  • Ben sees his parents who are by the way the sweetest most adorable couple ever. Ben wants to find someone and be like his parents.. Married for 32 years. 
  • Ben gets to the mansion and immediately runs into, Chris Soules, Sean Lowe, and Jason Mesnick,, which lets be real he lookin old.. the boys gave him a talk on how to handle this situation. 
  • We find out he was a school jock (no surprise), played football and basketball

It is always difficult to watch the first 30 minutes. Because nothing exciting happens. We just find more out about The Bachelor himself. Which by the way is super adorable. 

First Impressions: 

  • Lauren B - love her. she is the flight attendant. Who was super nervous seeing Ben
  • Caila - love her as well. she is just adorable and her way to impress Ben by jumping on him. You go Glen CoCo. 
  • Jennifer - I don't really remember her. Obviously she did not impress me. 
  • Jami - she was absolutely beautiful. She knew Kaitlyn. Which I was not sure how he felt about that. But other than that she was beautiful in the Cream Dress. 
  • Sam - she was the attorney right? Oh wait she had a huge red dress on. Legal Briefs. Or Boxers. she might grow on me. 
  • Jubilee - Matt loves her. War Veteran. Beautiful. She made sure Ben knew her dress was really tight. 
  • Amanda - Again I don't remember her either. 
  • Lace - honestly, I liked her at first. Thought she was really pretty and very sweet. Maybe insecure a little bit. 
  • Lauren R. - Social Media Stalker like Aubrey said, that is all I remember about her. I was thinking oh girl too soon for that. 
  • Shushanna - I was really confused with her.. Speaking only Russian. Is she ever going to speak English? Poor Ben.. was all I could say. doesn't understand her at all. 
  • Leah - football lady. I was a little nervous when she first got out of the limo and bent over. I thought oh lord her ass is going be all over the place in a few seconds. Event Planner. 
  • Joelle "jojo" - unicorn head. weird. but cute. 
  • Lauren H. - caught a bouquet the weekend prior and thought oh this is fate, and stuck it in his coat pocket. 
  • Laura - aka "red velvet" I loved her! She was adorable. Not sure how I felt about her nickname though.. 
  • Mandi - the weird dentist. and just weird. 
  • Haley and Emily - Twins... Oh lord. This has bad news written all over it. 
  • Meagan - Cowgirl and brought the mini horse. I wanted one. Matt said no. 
  • Breanne - Gluten girl- Gluten is Satan - doesn't like bread and insisted Ben smash the Bread with her.. wait did he? 
  • Isabelle aka "izzy" - onesie girl to the party. Hey I gotta hand it to her. At least she was comfy. and herself. 
  • Rachel - Hover board, unemployed and on cloud nine
  • Jessica - ummm I don't remember her. Again.. whoops. 
  • Tiara - Chicken obsessed chick. Weird. 
  • Lauren aka "LB" - Fashion Designer. But do not remember her really.
  • Jackie - Save the Date Chick.. maybe a little too forward.. But I will give it to her that was pretty adorable. 
  • Olivia - umm hello love. she is one of my favorites so far. Dimples and Sparkly Dress. Oh and she is a News Anchor. 
  • Becca and Amber - I loved both of them on Chris' season. I am glad they are back to try it again. 

What was going on for the most part: 

  • Lace is a drunk and a crazy person #fiftyshadesofcrazy not much of a fan anymore. Way to freaking insecure and rude. Downright rude. 
  • Their title is "Twins" what happened to what they do? I am going to say nothing at all. Just ride around on their bikes and finish each others sentences. 
  • Honestly the only thing that sticks out to me is Lace being her rude rude self. Good grief. I was about tired of it. 

The Rose Ceremony: 

I love the Rose Ceremony because you never know what the hell is going to happen. So here is where we are at so far. 

Who is Left: Amanda, Amber, Becca, Caila, Emily, Haley, Jackie, Jami, Jennifer, Joelle "JoJo", Jubilee, Lace (why?), Lauren "LB", Lauren B., Lauren H., Leah, Mandi, Olivia, Rachel, Samantha, and Shushanna. 


Who Went Home: 

Breanne, Isabelle "Izzy", Jessica, Laura aka Red Velvet, Lauren R., Maegan, and Tiara. 

Judging by the Previews of the upcoming Season. Looks like a ton of tears, drama, and panic attacks. 

Happy Watching! 

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