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Three Things

So I have been seeing this little Blog Prompt going around in the Blogosphere.. And I thought... hmmm lets go ahead and do this. I thought it would be a fun thing to do, to look back on and see. Basically the prompt is to list 3 things from each family member that is going on in their life... Yes, this includes those fur babies we all have.  

Matt and i's first selfie of 2016! 

Matt and i's first selfie of 2016! 


  1. So I have received a new job offer at my current job! And I am so excited to start on the 29th.. I also found out another piece of good news.. from what I know I will be back working in my old building which is literally 10 minutes from house!! **MY LIFE WILL BE BACK TO NORMAL**
  2. So I also have some good news. I have decided to start my own business I have decided to join one of friends Allie and I have become a Younique Products Presenter, I am now the new White Status Presenter! I am so excited I have joined this sisterhood. I am so looking forward to this new chapter! 
Beauty Tribe - Younique   

Beauty Tribe - Younique


3. I have been obsessed with Netflix lately as well as my TV shows that came back! Ya'll I have a serious problem! Binge watching Grey's Anatomy. 


  1. Matt has been learning a lot at his job. He is loving his job. 
  2. Matt is currently looking up reviews on computers. He even got himself a "tech backpack" so he can carry all of his nerd gear! He is pretty excited about it. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up buying himself a laptop this weekend.
  3. Matt is pretty happy with his career path right now. I am super proud of him! 


  1. Tink has a funny way of showing who she wants on what day.. Today apparently she is all about Daddy! Not so much Momma! 
  2. Tink acts like she never gets fed these days. It doesn't matter what you rattle in the kitchen she will come runnin all the way from upstairs because she thinks she is getting fed again. 
  3. Tink loves when Grandma comes and visits her... when Grandma comes... That means more treats. 


  1. Allie has been throwing up all of her wet food that we give her.. So we have had to switch to FreshPet for her.. So basically she is like a Princess now.. No throwing up at all anymore. 
  2. Allie will only chase Momma's feet or attack her feet not Daddy at all. Scares Momma half to death! 
  3. Allie tends to be really sweet when she wants to be. She only wants to be held and petted on her own terms. She is weird that one. 

That is 3 things in this little family of 4! How about you?! 

Xoxo, Erin