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How To Move When You Are Too Busy

Whether you are moving to a new city, or just moving homes in the area you already live in, moving is such an exciting time! There is so much possibility for a perfectly Pinterest-designed home when you start with a clean slate. However, when you have a lot going on in your life and feel like you are too busy to move, it can put a damper on the experience and kill the excitement. Between careers, friends, significant others, kids, and everything else that we have going on in life, it can seem so overwhelming. Don’t lose hope! I have moved while I was incredibly busy multiple times, so I’m sharing my experience with you. Here are my best pieces of advice to help you move when you are too busy to move:


Start Early

This seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes you just need someone else to say it to you (this is the sign that you were waiting for, GO START NOW!). I am definitely someone who considers myself a procrastinator when it comes to moving, but every single time I move, I think about how much easier it would have been if I would have started just a couple weeks earlier. Even if starting early means just getting your moving supplies and taping your boxes together, that is one less thing you will have to do come crunch time. An added bonus is that once you have your boxes taped and ready to be packed, you might feel the inspiration to start! If it still all just seems like too much, try giving yourself a rule that you must pack one or two items every time you walk by a box. You might just get started and not be able to stop! Starting early will ensure that you have the time you need to get all of your things organized and ready, despite being incredibly busy. 

Do A Little At A Time

Only have 5 spare minutes in between meetings on a work-from-home day? Take advantage of that small bit of time, and put some little things in boxes. Packing a little at a time makes the move less overwhelming, and also helps you to feel like you haven’t wasted hours and hours packing when you have so many other important things on your schedule. For example, designate a certain area to have finished every day. You might give yourself the task of packing the things underneath a sink one day, and maybe a bookshelf another day. You can always pack more than you have planned if you get into the groove, but finishing small areas piece by piece will speed up the process when you have limited time. 

Hire Movers

This seems very obvious, but if you really do not have the time to do it yourself, you can hire movers to do it for you to save you not only time, but stress, as well. Atlanta Peach Movers specializes in just this - helping you move, while saving you stress and time. Atlanta Peach Movers is a full-service moving company based out of Atlanta, Georgia, with over 30 years of proven experience in the area. Over the years, Atlanta Peach Movers has worked very hard to become the moving company of choice for the Southeast and always aim to exceed their customers expectations every single day with their high-quality customer service and care.

President and CEO of Atlanta Peach Movers, Orlando Lynch, has worked non-stop since 1987 “to become one of the most recognized and respected leaders in the Southeast relocation industry and to create not only Georgia’s largest moving and storage company, but the region’s best, with an unwavering emphasis on customer service and quality.” His hard work and effort with Atlanta Peach Movers has been rewarded with many awards and honors such as being named the “2012 Affiliate of the Year – Atlanta Board of Realtors”, and “2011 Vendor of the Year” by the Women of AT&T – Atlanta Chapter, as well as being named the “2010 Supplier of the Year” by the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council.

Atlanta Peach Movers is licensed by the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles Safety for Household Moving and they have Federal I.C.C. authority for all 48 states, according to their website. In addition, their employees are not contractors, but they are full-time professionals who have all undergone background and references checks and have gone through intense training to know how to move your items safely and securely. These are just a few reasons why Atlanta Peach Movers provides superior moving services in Georgia, so if you are in need of someone to help you out with your move, check them out today!