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August Goals


Wow! How the heck did August get here so quick?! Like most of you have probably said, this year is going by so fast! I didn't get to do a "July Goals" post as I was still figuring out my site. So I figured why not go ahead and start with August?  

August Goals:  

One // Plan Plan Plan. I need to be  better at planning my days out, and figuring out what bills are due, when Ryan's Dr. appointments are, etc. Which I plan on using my Happy Planner, and making it fun by decorating my Months/Weeks with stickers! Because I feel like it will motivate me more. I have already started. 


Two // Cook. Yes. I said it cook. We just moved into a house and rent has gone up.. so we need to save money. Which entails me cooking.. or at least trying.. I am not sure what Little Man will let me do! Maybe try and find 5 new recipes. That can't be too hard... right?! Or at least not breaking the bank by buying a ton of ingredients! 

Three // Save money. Yea this one should be a yearly goal. But I feel like you have start somewhere. Why not now? 

Four // Read more. Whether it be a good book or even just doing devotionals. I need to be reading more.  

Five // Blog Posts. Blog Posts. Blog Posts. That's all I have to say about this goal!  

I am thinking I may stop it at 5. Maybe start at 5 Goals a Month and then increase it.  

What are your monthly goals?!  

Xoxo, Erin