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8 Ways to Declutter Your Counter Tops

Happy Thursday friends! My friend Cait here to share with you how to declutter your counter tops. This is something that I think all Mom's want, or anyone in general, I know with Mom's like myself all the bottles and bowls and formula and so on, can totally get in the way! I hope ya'll will love this post as much as I do! 

When my husband and I first moved into our home the first thing we wanted to get rid of was our counters. I wanted a more open concept, something that seemed a bit more inviting than the dark counters we had obtained. I began to research options as what type of counters I wanted I came across Hanwha Surfaces. They have a wide variety of options to choose from when thinking of our counter tops and how we could style it to make our own. Hanwha Surfaces is based in Atlanta and specialize in high quality surfaces like HanStone Quartz. HanStone Quartz is a stone surface made from pure, natural quartz. HanStone Quartz offers the natural beauty of quartz with up to six times the strength and durability of granite! Who wouldn’t want this stone as part of their countertops!

Now that the countertops were picked, the one thing I need to focus on is making sure the counters look presentable to guests. I tend to put a lot of objects, papers and other items on my counters so how do I make them look less cluttered? Well, I’m sharing 6 ways that helped me!


1. Get Rid Of Paper - The first thing you need to get rid of when it comes to counter clutter is all the paper. No doubt, you have bills, mail, homework, paperwork, and other types of papers sitting on your counter. You and your family should come up with a system for making sure paper doesn’t just pile up on the counters. We have cubbies in our kitchen, each with a name under the slot as well as one for Bills or Coupons. This allows us to keep things in order and easily accessible.

2. Have a Command Center - A great way to do that is by making a command center. Have a place for incoming and outgoing paper (like bills you have to pay or homework that needs to go to school). There are several ways of doing this and also cheap too! You could have a small table with various shelves; adding baskets labeled with Bills or Chores for your kids to do. By having everything in one central location and not on your counters makes it simpler to see for you and your family plus keeps your counters clean and tidy.

3. Appliances- Another big cause of counter clutter is appliances. Only keep the appliances on the counter that you use every day (coffee maker, microwave, etc.). Don’t let smaller, less used appliance take up space as well; keep them stored away until you need to use them! I only keep a few things out and my counters still look great. I tend to cringe when I go to friend’s houses and they have every little thing sitting on their counter! Making sure that you have the minimum items actually makes your kitchen look and feel larger then it might be!

4. Use Multiple Hooks- Hooks are a great way to add storage to random spots in your kitchen. You can add them to the side of your cabinets, on the backsplash, or anywhere else you feel is helpful. I personally have hooks on the inside of my cabinets to hide items like cleaning sprays, aluminum foil and other household items. The possibilities for hooks are endless when you think outside the box.

5. Trays - Get a wood tray that you can keep something like all your coffee supplies on. This fences things in so the mess doesn’t spread to the rest of the counter. Trays are always around my house to keep things in their place and use for other storage items. They can be personally or informal depending on how you want to decorate and use them.

6. Build It Yourself- You can always just build or buy a completely separate kitchen organizer that lets you store all the items you use without having to use any of the counter space at all. You could even build a friendly appliance garage where you could store your coffee, toaster or even stand mixer. Out of sight and out of mind!

7. Mason Jars- How adorable are mason jars?! I love that they are clear so I can easily add food items or put magnets on top of the jar to place underneath my cabinets to help with clutter. I tend to stock up on them when I’m shopping because they can be used for so many different things.

8. Baskets - I put all of my towels in a basket in my pantry. It’s easy to locate, grab clean ones and never have to worry about messes again! I love that I can grab them when I have a spill to clean up ( or even my toddler can help! )

With so many ways to keep your counters look less cluttered, I’m sure you’ll think of more ideas that I haven’t mentioned. Remember, less is more when thinking of your counters! Are you thinking of upgrading your kitchen and counter tops?