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Life Lately...Life Currently...

Oh Hello Loves! I guess I haven't been around that much huh? Well, I have been a very busy woman. No not really. I have had Writer's Block for a few weeks now. 

Life Lately.... Or Life Currently... 


Eating nothing right now. I am so full. Matt and I went to his parents tonight for dinner, my Mother in law made the best chicken parmesan. Oh and I topped it off with Lemon pound cake (my favorite) 

Drinking nothing I really need some water though. I am thirsty and my mouth is dry. 

Watching nothing.. but Matt and I are sitting in the office he is on his computer playing games and I am writing this post.. obviously! But the Playoff game is on, OKC vs. DAL. 

Reading nothing.. geez I am kind of boring right now. I started to read this book called 9 Letters by Blake Austin a few weeks ago... But I haven't touched it since. Not that it isn't a good book. I am just so exhausted lately.. nope that is a lie... I am way too distracted by Gery's Anatomy on Netflix. 

Loving Life...My New Job..My Husband..My Family..My Friends.. A lot..

Working on our Budget.. Blah.. not my favorite thing to do. Now that rent is about to go up in a few months we are going to have to start budgeting our money. 

Listening to the TV and Matt talking to his friend online they are playing a game called Ultimate Chicken Horse...Yea I have no idea what that is... 

Buying nothing at the moment. I did get my nails done today. And I bought a new tart burner from Yankee Candle today. 

Planning nothing at the moment. Just trying to get my Younique business going. It is kind of slow right now. But that is alright. I am getting there. 

Wondering nothing right now. Maybe when I will go to bed tonight. Hah. Probably after I finish this post. 

Feeling Happy Calm and Tired

Love Ya'll for Reading! 

Xoxo, Erin