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October Currently

Happy Halloween Ya'll!!! So, yes it has been uhhh... like 3 months since I last posted. Which was announcing that I am pregnant. We are bringing a sweet little boy into the world. We could not be more excited. I am 31 weeks! I cannot believe I am almost through this pregnancy. It is seriously crazy how fast time goes. 

But I am going to do a Currently post. Since that seems like the best way to start my blog back up, since it HAS been a while! Lets get started shall we? 

Enjoying... Life and being Pregnant! So ready for Little Man to make his presence.

Wishing For... More fall weather.. Cool weather... It is still like 80 degrees here in GA.. Quite ridiculous! 

Loving... My hubby and our sweet life together. He has been quite amazing through this pregnancy. 

Looking Forward To... Little Man to make his presence in this world! We are so ready!  

Smelling... My yankee candles.. I couldn't tell you what scent though. But it smells delish! 

Wearing... Yoga pants and a white tank top, I had the cutest Trick or Treat shirt on earlier. But once I got home from work it was time to get comfy! 

Feeling... Relaxed

Reading... Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch. It is an okay book, I keep renewing it from the library I am just curious where the book goes. 

Watching... The Voice. Matt and I love this show!

Listening (to).. The TV and Tink playing with a water bottle

Eating... Nothing at the moment... but part of me wants to go get another rice krispie treat.. Matt made them tonight. So yum! 

Cooking... I didn't cook tonight.. Matt did and he made homemade mac n cheese. 

Drinking... Water Water and more Water.. after all I am pregnant!! 

Texting... No one. Everyone is busy taking their trick or treaters out. 

Xoxo, Erin