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January Goals

Happy Monday Lovelies!! Ugh ya'll I haven't worked on a Monday in 6 Months! I was so not used to that! I kind of miss not working Monday's.. But I don't miss working Saturday. Although I did get a lot done today. Yay for me! OOO also tonight is The Bachelor Premier... Who is watching?! 

It is the beginning of the month and I have decided that I want to start doing Monthly Goals.. Let's take a look at December Goals and see what my January Goals are like. 


  1. Finish my Christmas Shopping.... Check I did finish my shopping this year! 
  2. Go to Pure Barre with my friend Jessica, my first class is Sunday. Hopefully I can get registered. I have never been.  Not so much.Look things got in the way of my work out
    schedule so I had to cancel all of them! Thankfully they were free classes so I didn't feel as bad. 
  3. Do more Blog Posts - I want to start posting more  and be better at it.  I think I did pretty well on this one. Yes, I am trying to be better. I am making progress. 
  4. Finish at least one of my Books. Either See Me by Nicholas Sparks or The Girl on the Train - I am hoping I can finish The Girl on the Train first.  CHECK... I finally finished The Girl on the Train! Good grief that book took me forever to read I feel like. I really enjoyed it though! Now I am reading See Me by Nicholas Sparks 
  5. Journal - I enjoy writing - I want to do it somewhere else besides on my Blog. Stuff for me. NEGATIVE... I didn't get a journal because I thought my husband was going to get me one for Christmas but he didn't but got me other great stuff. 
  6. Go outside more. I mean like taking more walks with Matt to get fresh air.  NEGATIVE.. 
  7. Start a Prayer Journal  - If you want to know more go here.  I am trying to be better about this and grow a closer relationship to the Lord. NEGATIVE. I am however going to make this a January goal. 
  8. Try and keep realistic Goals for 2016. CHECK I am doing well with that. 

Well, I guess I did alright for the month of December. So how about we go into January goals. 


Personal Goals:

  • Sign back up at the gym I used to go to. To start working out. 
  • Finish 1 book - See Me by Nicholas Sparks 
  • Start a Prayer Journal 
  • Continue to Focus on my one Word from yesterday's post  AKA. Trying...  Self-Control
  • Cook More... 

Blog Goals:

  • Be a Co-host on a link up or 2 
  • Continue to try and grow my Social Media accounts. 
  • Blog at least 3-4 times a week

What are your goals for January? 

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