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What Would You Do?

I am so honored to be joining the new What Would You Do Wednesday Link up with a few other great bloggers. The Prompt: Us, your co-hosts will provide a prompt that starts out: What Would You Do. We will have a new topic and you basically just fill in the blank. 

This Week: 


If I had one hour of free time, for me I would probably relax, whether it be in the bathtub with some lovely candles and low music. I might take the time to Read a new book, Read the Bible, I might Journal a little. I think I would honestly take a blog break for an hour, meaning no do a blog post, not read any blog posts. 

I would take that one hour of free time and reflect. Because knowing me I do not give myself enough "me time" which I think everyone should do. I think I might start taking "me time" and not worry about anything. An hour of Silence. Ahh that would be so glorious! 

What Would You Do: With 1 Hour of Free Time? Link Up below and join the fun! 

Xoxo, Erin