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Blogging The Bachelor Week 2

Okay Ladies, we are back for another recap of The Bachelor. Lets join the Link Up party. 

What Went on This week.. Well, for starters it is the first week of all the dates. So lets start there. 

1st Date Card: Group Date: 

Daters: Jackie, LB, Amber, Lace, Jubilee, Lauren H, Becca, Mandi, JoJo, and Jennifer

Date: "Let's Learn how to Love" - Going back to high school people. 

Basically what happened is they were in groups of 2 and they would go each class; Classes: Science, Lunch, Geography, and Gym 

Science Class: They had to make Ben's Volcano errupt by following directions using potions of "love" only 4 teams move on. I don't even remember who won that, but I know Lace wasn't involved in that winning. 

Lunch Class: Basically they  had to bob for apples and get it to your partners lunch tray, 3 teams moved on. 

Geography Class: Talking about Indiana.. where Ben is from.. They girls basically had to guess which state shape was Indiana and place it on the map in the correct spot. Becca and her Partner did not do so well on that, they had it upside down and way off the grid. 

Gym Class: The Remaining 2 Teams had to make free throws - because obviously that was Ben's favorite sport in high school and was really important to him. 

Final 2: Mandi and Amber I believe. Had to race on track through the paper sign and whoever got there first would be "Ben's Homecoming Queen" Mandi killed it in the race. Good grief. She was flooring it down the track. 

Honestly, I did not see the connection there with Mandi. 

Date Card #2: One on One: Dater: Caila

Date: "Join me for a day of surprises" - Kevin Hart and Ice Cube show up. Hello promotion for their new movie. Ride Along 2. Basically all they do is drive around California with Kevin and Ice Cube in the backseat, which ends up at a hot tub store, and Caila and Ben end up in a hot tub in the store.. this could have been better than the Costco date on Chris' season. Ben and Caila go to a bar to talk without Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. Q&A Session. Caila Receives the rose. 

Date Card #3: Group Date: 

Daters: Emily, Haley, Sushanna, Samantha, Olivia and Amanda

Date: They go to some science lab and do all of these tests for compatibility. I mean complete with Smell Tests, and Chemistry. They get scored at the end of the date. Samantha is the lowest score at 2.4 out of 10 and Olivia is the highest score at 7 out 10. She wins. Wait.. did she get time alone with him? I don't remember.. probably though.. 

They go to the rooftop and get to know one another better. Amanda tells him about her kids and he is so adorably excited about it. I will say I like this group of girls.. maybe minus the twins. 

Olivia receives the rose.. of course.. 

Haley, Emily, Amanda, and Sushanna   

Haley, Emily, Amanda, and Sushanna


Olivia and Samantha

Olivia and Samantha

Rose Ceremony and Cocktail Party:

You know it was the typical cocktail party, girls trying to get time with Ben and Lace being her crazy self. Ben and Amanda did an adorable thing. Because he liked the fact that she had 2 daughters he asked if they could make barrettes for them, which was really sweet. 

Rose Ceremony: 

Received Roses on Dates: JoJo, Olivia and Caila


Who is Left: Amanda, Jubilee, Lauren B, Leah, Becca, Rachel, Lace, Jennifer, Emily, Jami, Lauren H, Sushanna, Haley, Amber, Caila, JoJo, and Olivia

Who went home: Mandi, Samantha, LB (chooses to leave), and Jackie. 

What did you think about this weeks Bachelor? 

Xoxo, Erin