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Well howdy ya'll its been a minute! What is going on lately with me.. Well, lets do a Currently Post. 


Missing.. umm.. I don't think I am missing too much.. besides my husband.. but that is a dead given. 

Watching... Dancing With the Stars.. The Premier.. Ya'll I am talking Monday night's episode. The Falcons game was on ABC on Monday so it did not air here until 1:00 am.. Nope I was asleep.. About to watch Paula Deen dance. 

Wanting... Everything Tory Burch. I don't know why.. But her stuff is so darn cute!! 

Listening.. to DWTS. The songs. Lol

Looking Forward.. to Sam Hunt round 2 on October 1st at Turner Field baby. My best friend and I are just going to the concert after the game we will probably show up at 7th inning. Tee Hee Hee.. I am super excited. We love us some Sam Hunt! 

Drinking.. Water.. I know.. Boring.. But I have not drank enough today.

Snapping... Nothing.. 

Wishing.. for the the Fall weather to make its full appearance. I know it is getting cooler but I need it to be like full force fall weather.

Eating..Nothing right now.. I did have a spoon full of Nutella when I got home from work today. That was delicious!

What are you Currently up to? 

Xoxo, Erin