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#HashTagHumpDay: My Life This Week

Okay ya'll it is that time again to link up with Lauren for #HashTagHumpDay

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

So with Christmas like 2 weeks away, okay maybe a little longer but really 2 weeks!! And so many Christmas Parties to go to, well 3. But that is the most I have ever been too. I am excited though because this Sunday is my Best Friends Annual Favorite Things Party which I am making Dessert. Next weekend we have 2 Christmas parties we have our Church Group's which is a Ugly Sweater party (I purchased mine at Walmart) and next Saturday we have my Aunt and Uncles Annual Family Christmas Party. #somuchtodosolittletime 

Ugh ya'll I have been so sleepy this week, I guess getting back into the groove of things after Thanksgiving and what not and being completely slammed at work, or at least I feel that way. I am ready for bed at like 7:00.. That is terrible.. I am normally a 9:00 PM person. #tooldforthis 

Okay so Matt and I are watching Avengers right now the 2nd one. Can we please talk about Thor! How freaking sexy is that man! #Toohott #Yougoglenncoco

Ya'll I do not know what to do, all of my TV shows are on hold right now, I guess this is the time to catch up on my other shows on Netflix. Which I can't complain. But still I want my shows back. Netflix can be an bad influence though #Bingewatching  #TVAddict #Netflixismyfriend 

Christmas is my favorite time of year, I love how our little town house is decorated I love the Christmas Spirit, I love the lights, hell I even love the presents, I enjoy buying for people, Its the best time for family as well as the meaning behind it, that to me is the best part. #ChristmasismyFavorite #ChristmasMakesMeHappy #ChristmasSpirit

I guess that is all that is going on in my life this week in Hashtags. Go Link Up! 

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