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A Blog about the ins and outs of my crazy beautiful life. Grab a glass of vino or a cup of coffee and enjoy the ride! 

Monday Currently

Happy Monday Lovelies! I am dreading going to work tomorrow, I have enjoyed my days off. Another week at the Funny Farm. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Monday. 

Currently I am...

Loving the fact that it is the Holiday Season,  my favorite time of the year! 

Writing this post. That is about it. Sorry ya'll I am kind of boring this week. 

Planning how I am going to wrap my gifts for the Favorite Things Party I am going to this weekend. I am excited about my gift choice. 

Needing my bed. I am so sleepy tonight, I don't even know why. I guess because we had kind of a busy weekend. And to get my nails done! They are so long it is getting to the point where I can't do a dang thing with them. 

Drinking Water and Sparkling Water (La Croix) 

Wishing  for a good week at work this week, I hope nothing goes wrong and I don't get in trouble. It is kind of sad that I fear going into work every week. Ugh it is stressful. 

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