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December Goals

Well, my favorite time of the year is here! I thought I would go ahead and do a December Goals, I have done one of these in the past, but was not successful at all! So I am going to give it another try. So here go.. 

December Goals:

1. Finish my Christmas Shopping

2. Go to Pure Barre with my friend Jessica, my first class is Sunday. Hopefully I can get registered. I have never been. 

3. Do more Blog Posts - I want to start posting more  and be better at it. 

4. Finish at least one of my Books. Either See Me by Nicholas Sparks or The Girl on the Train - I am hoping I can finish The Girl on the Train first. 

5. Journal - I enjoy writing - I want to do it somewhere else besides on my Blog. Stuff for me. 

6. Go outside more. I mean like taking more walks with Matt to get fresh air. 

7. Start a Prayer Journal  - If you want to know more go here.  I am trying to be better about this and grow a closer relationship to the Lord. 

8. Try and keep realistic Goals for 2016. 

I have written these goals in a notebook and I am going to try and carry this around with me. To keep track. 

Do you set monthly goals?

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