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Life this Week

Happy Saturday Lovelies! I normally on not Blog on Saturday's as I am normally at work, I wasn't feeling good this morning. I hope everyone had a wonderful week, I cannot believe Christmas is Friday! How crazy is that?! 

I love when Becca does these kinds of Posts. These posts are great when there is so much excitement going on to document. 

  • This week I have been dealing with a lot excitement, at work on Thursday My manager and 2 other managers decided to do a "fun" section meeting, we were all really confused, but it turned out that the 3 managers decided to go out and buy gifts for all of us, on these 3 teams there are 27 of us, and they threw a White Elephant party. It was fun it kind of boosted the morale a little bit. I got stuck with a Crock Pot, but hey I cannot complain because I will keep my fancy one for home stuff and this one for parties and such. Good idea right? 
  • I am kind of upset this year, I decided not to do Christmas Cards..I see all of these posts this week regarding Christmas Cards.. I know bummer right.. We just didn't have any time to get pictures taken, and I didn't see any pictures that I had that I liked from this year. But next year I have decided that I am going to do a Christmas Card and make an appointment for us to get our pictures made. 
  • My Christmas shopping is almost done.. way to wait until the last minute... I have a few more things to get my hubs.. I have 2 gifts still to buy for tonight's Christmas Party. 
  • Last night we had out Church Group's Ugly Sweater/White Elephant Christmas Party, ya'll there were some amazing gifts going around last night, I was particular excited about the one Matt and I got. 2 Coffee Mugs, Planner, Starbucks Card, and 2016 mini Planner. Super Cute.
  • I want to see Star Wars so bad, but I think we are just going to have to wait a minute before we see it. Opening Weekend.. Yea I doubt we will get any tickets. 
  • This Weekends Plans: Church Group Christmas Party Last Night, my Families Christmas Party tonight, Shopping maybe on Sunday and Monday Dr's. Appointment and relaxing! 

I hope you all have a good rest of the weekend! 

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