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November Currently

 Happy Sunday! I am kind of excited because tomorrow is my Birthday!! I will be 29.. I am not a fan of that number but still... It is my Birthday!! Here is yet another Currently Post. I really need to do other posts than just this one. Hah! I am going to be better. 


C U R R E N T L Y:

Listening:  To the TV. I should pay attention to the TV because I also currently trying to catch up on all of my shows.

Watching: How to Get Away with Murder... What the hell is going on this season!! There is so much killing going on with these Lawyers.. I don't know what to think.. Its AMAZING!!! 

Eating: Nothing.. but about to get another Piece of Pizza. Yum! 

Drinking: Water/LaCroix Sparkling Water

Reading: So I super excited about this... I just got this book last night from Target.. See Me by Nicholas Sparks.. It is his new books. He is one of my favorite Authors. So yes I am slightly excited! 

Wearing: Yoga Pants and a Tank Top I need socks though... it is so cold... Where the hell did Fall go?! 

Feeling: Content and Gracious. 

Weather: Rainy and Cold... I am so tired of the rain! it has been raining FOREVER!! Like 2 weeks straight I feel like. 

Needing: Some more water. I am so thirsty. 

Clicking: Around on the Internet. Nothing specific though. 

What are you currently up to? 

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Xoxo, Erin