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10 Things to Smile About

So I am sitting here after a long and rough day at work I mean the whole crying thing happened...again.. I am going through Blogs and playing catch up. I came across a  link up.

 need a lot of this right now as I am going through a lot in my career. I thought you know what considering what happened this morning and this afternoon, ain't no body gonna steal my sparkle. This was a great idea. 

So without further adieu here are the 10 things to smile about this month.

1. Start it off... Matt and I just got back from Ohio and seeing my Dad, Step Mom, 2 Brothers and my Sister. We had the best time. We went to the Oldest Brother who is a Freshmen in College at Ohio University we saw his campus on Friday and then Friday night we went to the younger brother's high school football game.. Oh man did that bring back memories. 

2. Matt and I are in a great Small Group for our Church with nothing but Newlywed Couples. They are the best people to surround ourselves with. 

3. The Fall weather. OMG finally we are starting to feel that crisp fall weather. Although the Trees aren't as pretty...yet... It is still Fall! 

4. College Football Ya'll!! Go Dawgs!!! 

5. Wine nights with my best friend. Grabbing a drink with friends after work 

6. Nutella Milkshake from Steak and Shake. 

7. My Husband. He drives me nuts sometimes but I am truly thankful and love him with all my heart. 

8. Sunsets so many beautiful Sunsets.

9. Catching up on Netflix and my Shows. I have a slight obsession with TV. It is kind of bad. 

10. My family and the time I get to spend with them. On both sides. We have some good times and there is nothing like getting to spend the day with your mom. Who makes you laugh and smile. 

Xoxo, Erin